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Conversion Table Search Option

Could it be possible to add the wild search option to search conversion table names, under the conversion table tab. I know that there are mostly very few conversion tables. But in certain customer cases the number of conversion tables, increases ...
Guest 9 months ago in Feature request 1 Completed

Update remaining plugin interfaces to include a cancellation token

The following plugin interfaces need to be updated to include a cancellation token: Status event Receiver partner resolver Http handler Probe Integrated ftp provider Duplicate check Sender partner resolver Document type classifier resolver Control...
Thorsten Roy 5 months ago in Feature request 0 Completed

Http handler - Show actual address for easy copying.

Instead of showing this text on the http handler: " The url for this http-handler will be: " it would be very nice to see the actual address for this environment.
Claus B. Eide 7 months ago in Feature request 0 Completed

A copy function for the inbound transport, like the locations on a partner

Title says it all. A copy function for a location under Transport, like we have under the Partner locations. Why? Because you might have to set up a load of different very similar locations you want data from.
Guest 8 months ago in Feature request 1 Completed

Alert e-mails are shown in HTML

It should be possible to enter plain text (or formatted text) when configuring alert e-mails. Both default and alert-specific. I don't think users will like to write HTML as mail body. Solution: It should be possible to edit the mail body and subj...
Nicolai Krog 10 months ago in Feature request 1 Completed

Exceptionsmessages with no stack trace

When using LinkProxy:RaiseError it would be nice if only the errormessage send to RaiseError is shown in Link without the Stacktrace for LinkException.
Guest 10 months ago in Feature request 1 Completed

EDIFACT disassemble: Ignore specific segments

Sometimes it could be nice to ignore EDIFACT segments that are not part of the xsd. This is particularly useful for encrypted security segments like USA, USR etc. Because they are defined on message level but are not part of the microsoft xsds. I ...
Claus B. Eide 10 months ago in Feature request 1 Completed

Easy deployment of Link-artifacts with nuget

Jeg har nævnt det et par gange før, men det er aldrig rigtig blevet formaliseret. I forbindelse med både manuel og automatisk deployment af artifacts til Link samt den her artifact-store, som er nævnt nogle gange, så mener jeg at nuget teknologien...
Mikkel B. Mikkelsen 11 months ago in Feature request 0 Completed

http transport needs to be able to accept any ssl certificate

We unfortunately experience that some do not purchase their SSL certificates but issue them on their own. This means that we cannot establish an HTTPS connection to them as it is embedded in the base image which root CAs we trust. Therefore, there...
Paw S. Pedersen 11 months ago in Feature request 0 Completed

Sourcefilename available as macro for Mail

SourceFilename/ReceivedFilename available as macro for MailSubject og Mail body for stakeholder mails
Guest about 1 year ago in Feature request 3 Completed