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On 'Upload test file' it should be possible to handle multiple files

On LINK3 'Distributions' it shall be possible to test upload mutiltiple files and not just one as now.
Per L. Thomsen 7 days ago in Bug 0

Batching configuration - Add schedule with a trigger without any weekdays fails

When editing a batching configuration, adding or editing a trigger so that there is no weekdays selected and then pressing Save causes a fail, that can only be recovered by pressing F5.
Henrik E. Rasmussen 19 days ago in Bug 0 Planning to implement

Edifact assembler bug - Overwrite UNB6_1 and UNB6_2

Trying to overwrite UNB6_1 and UNB6_2 segments has no effect unless they already have a value set on the partner.
Claus B. Eide 4 months ago in Bug 1 Planning to implement

SFTP monitor - Invalid cast exception

Monitor on Inbound SFTP transport location throws exception:
Claus B. Eide 4 months ago in Bug 1 Planning to implement

Wrong content-type on Interchange In

When receiving messages from an inbound transport location, Link does not set the content-type based on the init config.
Claus B. Eide 5 months ago in Bug 1 Likely to implement