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Schedule Reports in Link

We would like to be able to Schedule and email Link reports to Link Users/Business Users/Customers etc.. We have business users who receive scheduled emails with information about the status of messages from their existing system (webmethods) and ...
Søren Darville 10 months ago in Feature request 0 Planning to implement

New Partner Onboarding Page

It would be great if Link had a page that could be shared with our partners. It could be generated from the Partner's page in Link, something like "Invite to Connect" or "Send Connection Details" or "Create & Send onboard invite". First the us...
Matias Noe about 1 month ago in Feature request 1

XSLT 3.0 support

It would be great with XSLT 3.0 support in Link3. BizTalk 2020 already supports XSLT 3.0 through SAXON HE (Home edition), and I know that Bestseller is looking into using this in their Link2 setup. Here are some links that may be interesting to ...
Søren Darville 2 months ago in Feature request 0 Likely to implement

Out of the box configuration

I was expecting more things to come pre-configured out of the box and a bit more of intro information to be provided: Format types for XML, EDIFACT and Passthrough could come out of the boxIn particular Passthrough was "difficult" to set-up becaus...
Matias Noe 3 months ago in Other 1 Likely to implement

Better help with the most basic errors

Some very basic and common errors do not have any solution and are classified as unexpected errors For the two errors illustrated in the screenshots, we need to have relevant and helpful texts in: Execption solution Technical description Exception...
Claus B. Eide 6 months ago in Feature request 2 Likely to implement

ChatGPT should be an integrated part of LINK

On a recent ChatGPT webinar from Bizbrains - one on my colleques requested for implementation of ChatGPT in link.To enhance flexible search possibilities
Thorkil Bang 9 months ago in Feature request 5 Planning to implement

I would like to setup distributions from a pre defined template.

When working as a user in LINK - I'm doing a lot of setups distributions. These distributions are different depending on the receiver. In our team we have a portfolio of guides that explains what is needed for whom. However I think it could minimi...
Guest 9 months ago in Feature request 1 Planning to implement

Notification when certificate's are expiring

It should be possible to relevant users to receive a notification x amount of time before a certificate expires.
Cuong Van 10 months ago in Feature request 1 Planning to implement

Performance report

It would be nice with a report showing processing. E.g. a monthly scheduled report with the processing time for their transactions. 
Guest 12 months ago in Feature request 2 Likely to implement

Rename possibility for FTP transport types

The field "Command after put" should support at least the RENAME command.
Guest 12 months ago in Feature request 0 Planning to implement