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Restrictions on resend

Only documents with a status contained in a whitelist can be resend. Above can be manually bypassed (with a check box, like 'Skip duplicate check'). A whitelist needs to be maintained (Settings?)
Per Rands 6 months ago in Feature request 1 Will not implement

Different Receiver ID’s in ISA and GS segment

We would like the possibility to overwrite the the GS Segments. We have already made a component which makes it possible to overwrite the ISA segments (Sender and Receiver ID and Qualifier). This is done in this Link Community Component https://de...
Søren Darville 12 months ago in Feature request 1 Will not implement

"Created date an time" column filter in Track Search Grid as DateTimePicker

Filtering of Column "Created date and time" should be made as a datatime-picker in stead of a drop down.
Nicolai Krog about 1 year ago in Feature request 1 Will not implement

Browser suggests wrong password

There should probably be something that makes the username / password fields in Link unique for each instance. My browser can't see the difference between e.g. Link production, Link test, development etc. - the result is, that my browser suggests ...
Nicolai Krog over 1 year ago in  0 Will not implement