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Alert e-mail are shown in HTML

It should be possible to enter plain text (or formatted text) when configuring alert e-mails. Both default and alert-specific. I don't think users will like to write HTML as mail body.
Nicolai Krog 23 days ago in  1

Exceptionsmessages with no stack trace

When using LinkProxy:RaiseError it would be nice if only the errormessage send to RaiseError is shown in Link without the Stacktrace for LinkException.
Guest 23 days ago in Feature request 1

Better help with the most basic errors

Some very basic and common errors do not have any solution and are classified as unexpected errors
Claus B. Eide 23 days ago in Feature request 2

Unknown content type "application/edi-tradacoms"

When setting a content type, that is not known, on a format type. Link throws this error during initialization: Bizbrains.Link.Base.Exceptions.LinkException: Unknown content type "application/edi-tradacoms" at Bizbrains.Link.Initialize.Base.LinkIn...
Claus B. Eide 29 days ago in Bug 1 Sent to development

EDIFACT disassemble: Ignore specific segments

Sometimes it could be nice to ignore EDIFACT segments that are not part of the xsd. This is particularly useful for encrypted security segments like USA, USR etc. Because they are defined on message level but are not part of the microsoft xsds. I ...
Claus B. Eide about 1 month ago in Feature request 1

Schedule Reports in Link

We would like to be able to Schedule and email Link reports to Link Users/Business Users/Customers etc.. We have business users who receive scheduled emails with information about the status of messages from their existing system (webmethods) and ...
Søren Darville 5 months ago in Feature request 0 Sent to development

ChatGPT should be an integrated part of LINK

On a recent ChatGPT webinar from Bizbrains - one on my colleques requested for implementation of ChatGPT in link.To enhance flexible search possibilities
Thorkil Bang 4 months ago in Feature request 4 Sent to development

I would like to setup distributions from a pre defined template.

When working as a user in LINK - I'm doing a lot of setups distributions. These distributions are different depending on the receiver. In our team we have a portfolio of guides that explains what is needed for whom. However I think it could minimi...
Guest 4 months ago in Feature request 1 Sent to development

Notification when certificate's are expiring

It should be possible to relevant users to receive a notification x amount of time before a certificate expires.
Cuong Van 5 months ago in Feature request 1 Sent to development

Easy deployment of Link-artifacts with nuget

Jeg har nævnt det et par gange før, men det er aldrig rigtig blevet formaliseret. I forbindelse med både manuel og automatisk deployment af artifacts til Link samt den her artifact-store, som er nævnt nogle gange, så mener jeg at nuget teknologien...
Mikkel B. Mikkelsen 2 months ago in Feature request 0