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EDIFACT Dissassemble error when number of LOOPED segments exceeds 1000

We are experiencing this error when sending EDIFACT Sales Reports to Link. Bizbrains.Link.Base.Exceptions.LinkException: An unexpected error has occurred while disassembling the message. ---> Bizbrains.Edifact.EdifactException: Segment w...
Søren Darville 29 days ago in Bug 1 Shipped

Document type classifier removing "Document Config in" when pressing "Save" button

I have observed that if you open any of document type classifier which is having value for document config in and click on save – that removes value for document config in..
Søren Darville about 1 month ago in Bug 0 Shipped

Advanced message validation

It would be nice to have the possibility of performing advanced validation of messages. Sometimes schema-validation isn't quite enough. Ideas: Schematron vadiation Rule based (conditional) formatting setup
Nicolai Krog 2 months ago in Feature request 0 Shipped

BUG - Passwords with '<' are truncated

A password (on an SFTP location) is truncated from and to an eventual '<'.
Nicolai Krog 2 months ago in Bug 1 Shipped