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Automation of Vendor Invoice processes in LINK

Summary: AI being capable to recognize the need to create a new partner and distribution based on a incoming invoice document and process it without human intervention. Currently, we have different processes for integrating electronic invoices fro...
Alberto Ramos 8 months ago in Feature request 2 Already exists

Primary mail contact under Contacts / possibility to choose who receives notifications

This would give us the ability to discern a primary contact, instead of just picking the first technical contact. This was meant as a help, purely when making any components that need to access the contacts on a partner.
Guest 10 months ago in Feature request 1 Future consideration

Integrate file compare in tracking search

I think we should integrate our compare tool into tracking search. Being able to select two files, press compare, and choose a step to compare. I have seen a lot of scenarios where a file fails and we want to compare it to a file that does not fai...
Guest 10 months ago in Feature request 1 Likely to implement

Different Receiver ID’s in ISA and GS segment

We would like the possibility to overwrite the the GS Segments. We have already made a component which makes it possible to overwrite the ISA segments (Sender and Receiver ID and Qualifier). This is done in this Link Community Component https://de...
Søren Darville about 1 year ago in Feature request 1 Will not implement

Overwrite UNB for EDIFACT

Sometimes, partners need varying values in their UNB segments. It should be possible to overwrite the UNB fields for EDIFACT documents. This should be applied on distribution level. Another option could be that a partner has the possibility to hav...
Nicolai Krog about 1 year ago in Feature request 1 Planning to implement

"Created date an time" column filter in Track Search Grid as DateTimePicker

Filtering of Column "Created date and time" should be made as a datatime-picker in stead of a drop down.
Nicolai Krog over 1 year ago in Feature request 1 Will not implement