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UI only - New "type2" artifact interfaces - Clean up

The UI enum has been extent like the backend enum to have both the original depricated type and the new "type2". When using the UI service to get artifacts of a specific type, both the old and the new type need to be supplied in order to ensure al...
Thorsten Roy 13 days ago in Feature request 0

Batching configuration - Add schedule with a trigger without any weekdays fails

When editing a batching configuration, adding or editing a trigger so that there is no weekdays selected and then pressing Save causes a fail, that can only be recovered by pressing F5.
Henrik E. Rasmussen 19 days ago in Bug 0 Planning to implement

Allow overriding locations when importing & direct export between environments

This is two ideas that are somewhat connected. The first one is easy to implement: When I import a Distribution from Test into Prod, the import fails when the location names are different. This makes sense, however there should be an option to ove...
Matias Noe 20 days ago in Feature request 0

Soft delete on Formats, variants, variant versions and document types

Deleting any of these objects throws a database reference exception in the UI. It would be nice to be able to soft delete these objects because as it is now, it is very hard to get rid of these when they have been used for processing documents.
Claus B. Eide about 1 month ago in Feature request 1

SQL server - Send/receive

Many A2A integration scenarios require us to communicate directly with a SQL server. We currently need this for the internal master data project but will need it for migrating some of the large customers as well. The following scenarios should be ...
Claus B. Eide about 1 month ago in Feature request 0

Additional HTTP methods

HTTP components in LINK are able to do PUT, POST and PATCH. In some cases we at least need to support GET but DELETE would also be nice to have. HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE and CONNECT, I don't see much use for but unless the underlying implementation is...
Claus B. Eide about 2 months ago in Feature request 0 Planning to implement

Allow Itinerary changes when marked as optional and not enabled by default

When I need to make a change to an itinerary if a document config is in use by a distribution, then it will display a warning and prevent me from making changes. Right now I have a few document configs that are our standard formats and will be use...
Matias Noe 2 months ago in Feature request 0

Extend the Partner/Location copy-function to copy between partners

Currently there is a possibity to copy a Partner Location to a new location. The Copy functionally is limited to copy the location within the same partner. It could be valuable, that the copy functionally has the possibilly to copy into a new part...
Claus Seelig 3 months ago in Feature request 0

Settings settings add drop down with the category

Settings => settings => Create new Setting. If i want to create an new setting under an existing Category. i need to type the name of the existing Category. it would be nice to have an drop down with the category's there already exists.
Guest 3 months ago in Feature request 0 Planning to implement

Option to name Payload's

Would save a lot of time if you could name payloads in Save flow state. There are often several steps you want to be able to see, especially during testing, and right now you have to guess a little ahead/or count up to the one you want to see
Niels Grarup 3 months ago in Feature request 0 Likely to implement