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Status Planning to implement
Categories Feature request
Created by Søren Darville
Created on May 3, 2023

Schedule Reports in Link

We would like to be able to Schedule and email Link reports to Link Users/Business Users/Customers etc.. We have business users who receive scheduled emails with information about the status of messages from their existing system (webmethods) and would like to be able to do the same in Link.

  1. Making Scheduled execution of Reports possible, will require the following:

    1. A report can have parameters. It should be possible to set the desired parameter values, when scheduling a report (parameters like “Document Type’s” you want to include in the report, etc.). Parameters are made for better re-usability of a pre-configured reports.

    2. When scheduling a report it should be possible configure email receivers (in fact I don't think it makes sense to schedule a report without emailing it.

I believe that the email should basically show the same thing in the email (html email body) as the report shows in the Link GUI. In future versions you may want to be able to send an attached Excel spreadsheet with the data instead, etc., but this is not a requirement.

The Report module for Link3 is not developed, but it is defined here and is more or less planned to only include the Link2 functionality. This feature request is a request to include the scheduling functionality described above also.

I will attach an email with the requirements from LEGO.

Note: We have another customer who have similar requirements, which they accomplish with their own SQL Reporting Services, which then queries the Link databases.

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