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Status Likely to implement
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Created by Matias Noe
Created on Nov 28, 2023

Out of the box configuration

I was expecting more things to come pre-configured out of the box and a bit more of intro information to be provided:

  • Format types for XML, EDIFACT and Passthrough could come out of the box
    In particular Passthrough was "difficult" to set-up because the content type had to be set to "text/plain" and I coulnd't find anything about this anywhere. This felt like I had to know the magic string to place on content-type :)

  • A file naming type called "Source File Name" would be nice out of the box. First of all, it is very common and also it works as a nice example for any others that the user might want to implement. A link to documentation from the File Naming Types page would be perfect

  • The integrated FTP provider was not pre-configured

  • I was given our URLs from before I was given our environments, which is great, but I did not get much information about our AS2 connection for instance

Maybe it would be part of the "onboarding" process? On the first meeting the customer could be asked about which features should be turned on or added.

And then be given a document with information about the connections.
Something that is easy to share with partners for them to set-up the connection with Link. It could be something as simple as a PDF with the URLs, ports, etc.

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  • Admin
    Nicolai Krog
    Dec 18, 2023

    Hello Matias.

    Thank you very much for this input! We have an ongoing intiative with out-of-the-box configuration - but it's clear that we're not quite there yet. Your suggestions are all valid, and I'm going to add them to our roadmap - expecting to implement them in 2024 Q1.