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Categories Feature request
Created by Matias Noe
Created on Feb 21, 2024

Allow Itinerary changes when marked as optional and not enabled by default

When I need to make a change to an itinerary if a document config is in use by a distribution, then it will display a warning and prevent me from making changes.

Right now I have a few document configs that are our standard formats and will be used across MANY partners so I have to be able to change them without having to stop any running integrations.

I understand the warning, however, if the added steps in the itinerary are set as "Optional" and are not "enabled by default", then they will not break anything as those steps will not be run on any active distributions using those document configurations.

Under these circumstances it should be OK and then I would expect to get a warning but still be able to continue with my change.

Having to modify all existing distributions to not use that document config, then changing the itinerary in the document config and finally changing the distributions back to the document config is rather annoying and tedious.

Right now in test I have 18 distributions using a Document Config, if I need to add an itinerary step, changing 18 distributions takes a very long time.

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