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Status Planning to implement
Categories Feature request
Created by Claus B. Eide
Created on Mar 18, 2024

SQL server - Send/receive

Many A2A integration scenarios require us to communicate directly with a SQL server. We currently need this for the internal master data project but will need it for migrating some of the large customers as well.

The following scenarios should be covered:

  • Polling/receiving

  • Sending

  • Scheduling (To act as an SQL server agent)

Azure databases/sql server should be the primary focus, but if this implementation can be flexible enough to support other database types, that would be preferable.

I think it will be sufficient to to support calling stored procedures for all 3 scenarios. and we should be able to configure the following:

  • Connection string

  • Maybe command timeout if the framework does not support this in the connection string

  • Stored procedure name

  • Add an arbitrary number of parameters, both input and output. Macros need to be supported and specifiying which parameter is the message body is needed as well. Message body needs to support both JSON and XML.

We need to come up with an alternative to MSDTC especially for receiving. That could be calling two different stored procedures.

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