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Allow overriding locations when importing & direct export between environments

This is two ideas that are somewhat connected. The first one is easy to implement: When I import a Distribution from Test into Prod, the import fails when the location names are different. This makes sense, however there should be an option to ove...
Matias Noe about 2 months ago in Feature request 1 Likely to implement

Add "Number of documents" to alerts

We would like to be able to configure the number of documents that an alert needs to not trigger instead of it always being 1.
Claus B. Eide 5 months ago in Feature request 3 Likely to implement

XSLT 3.0 support

It would be great with XSLT 3.0 support in Link3. BizTalk 2020 already supports XSLT 3.0 through SAXON HE (Home edition), and I know that Bestseller is looking into using this in their Link2 setup. Here are some links that may be interesting to ...
Søren Darville 5 months ago in Feature request 0 Likely to implement

Out of the box configuration

I was expecting more things to come pre-configured out of the box and a bit more of intro information to be provided: Format types for XML, EDIFACT and Passthrough could come out of the boxIn particular Passthrough was "difficult" to set-up becaus...
Matias Noe 6 months ago in Other 1 Likely to implement

Add links to Documentation from UI

Instead of having to navigate to, it would be great if documentation pages were directly available on the UI of Link in case you want to understand how to use them. Naturally this might not be of use for all users, but maybe ...
Matias Noe 6 months ago in Feature request 1 Likely to implement

Clear tracking search filter when doing a new search

When initiating a new tracking search, any search filter applied to an old search is not reset, leading to users not finding the data they expect.
Claus B. Eide 6 months ago in Feature request 1 Likely to implement

Option to name Payload's

Would save a lot of time if you could name payloads in Save flow state. There are often several steps you want to be able to see, especially during testing, and right now you have to guess a little ahead/or count up to the one you want to see
Niels Grarup 4 months ago in Feature request 0 Likely to implement

Log & Configuration Panel for AS/2 Connection

We are currently having some issues allowing inbound connections via AS/2 and it is very difficult to analyze why this is happening. It would be great if there was a page with information and settings regarding the AS/2 connection. There could be ...
Matias Noe 4 months ago in Feature request 0 Likely to implement

Link3 Rest Api Outbox filters

When using the REST Api to get outbox documents it would be very useful to be able to filter for certain conditions. For instance when getting some document type from the outbox it would be helpful to be able to specify format/variant/version. We ...
Nicki Hølund 4 months ago in Feature request 0 Likely to implement

Better help with the most basic errors

Some very basic and common errors do not have any solution and are classified as unexpected errors For the two errors illustrated in the screenshots, we need to have relevant and helpful texts in: Execption solution Technical description Exception...
Claus B. Eide 9 months ago in Feature request 2 Likely to implement