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A copy function for the inbound transport, like the locations on a partner

Title says it all. A copy function for a location under Transport, like we have under the Partner locations. Why? Because you might have to set up a load of different very similar locations you want data from.
Guest 25 days ago in Feature request 1 Likely to implement

Restrictions on resend

Only documents with a status contained in a whitelist can be resend. Above can be manually bypassed (with a check box, like 'Skip duplicate check'). A whitelist needs to be maintained (Settings?)
Per Rands 26 days ago in Feature request 0

Conversion Table Search Option

Could it be possible to add the wild search option to search conversion table names, under the conversion table tab. I know that there are mostly very few conversion tables. But in certain customer cases the number of conversion tables, increases ...
Guest 2 months ago in Feature request 1 Planning to implement

Alert sent to internal/external Stakeholders if Inbound data has not been received with a specified amount of days

As a lot of Companies receives SLSRPT/INVRPT on a daily basis from their Customers for Replenishment purposes.And therefore it is needed to have an alert sent to internal/external Stakeholders if Inbound SLSRPT/INVRPT has not been received within ...
Thorkil Bang about 1 month ago in Feature request 1 Future consideration

Automation of Vendor Invoice processes in LINK

Summary: AI being capable to recognize the need to create a new partner and distribution based on a incoming invoice document and process it without human intervention. Currently, we have different processes for integrating electronic invoices fro...
Alberto Ramos 2 months ago in Feature request 2 Already exists

Schedule Reports in Link

We would like to be able to Schedule and email Link reports to Link Users/Business Users/Customers etc.. We have business users who receive scheduled emails with information about the status of messages from their existing system (webmethods) and ...
Søren Darville 7 months ago in Feature request 0 Planning to implement

ChatGPT should be an integrated part of LINK

On a recent ChatGPT webinar from Bizbrains - one on my colleques requested for implementation of ChatGPT in link.To enhance flexible search possibilities
Thorkil Bang 6 months ago in Feature request 5 Planning to implement

I would like to setup distributions from a pre defined template.

When working as a user in LINK - I'm doing a lot of setups distributions. These distributions are different depending on the receiver. In our team we have a portfolio of guides that explains what is needed for whom. However I think it could minimi...
Guest 6 months ago in Feature request 1 Planning to implement

Alert e-mails are shown in HTML

It should be possible to enter plain text (or formatted text) when configuring alert e-mails. Both default and alert-specific. I don't think users will like to write HTML as mail body. Solution: It should be possible to edit the mail body and subj...
Nicolai Krog 3 months ago in Feature request 1 Planning to implement

Better help with the most basic errors

Some very basic and common errors do not have any solution and are classified as unexpected errors For the two errors illustrated in the screenshots, we need to have relevant and helpful texts in: Execption solution Technical description Exception...
Claus B. Eide 3 months ago in Feature request 2 Likely to implement