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"Created date an time" column filter in Track Search Grid as DateTimePicker

Filtering of Column "Created date and time" should be made as a datatime-picker in stead of a drop down.
Nicolai Krog 8 months ago in Feature request 1 Will not implement

Tags are cumbersome to work with

In many other products, it's possible to create a new tag immediately when you choose between available tags (e.g. on a partner). So the list of tags should also contain an empty field, from where you create a new one.
Guest 8 months ago in Feature request 0 Sent to development

IP address and user id tracked as fields on interchange in

IP address and user id tracked as fields on interchange in, so they are filtereable fields on tracking search. Maybe in time also seachable fields. Of course only if relevant for the specific transport method.
Guest 8 months ago in  1 Sent to development

Reconsider incoming transport locations triggers

Not easy to set up correctly, because: Time is in AM/PM format Unclear how to set up a full day - from when to when? E.g. 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM will not work
Nicolai Krog 8 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Incoming transport locations should be possible to associate with a partner

When looking at the "Locations" tab on a Partner, it would make sense, if you could see both inbound and outbound locations. As it is now, we need to give inbound locations very good names (e.g. "Magasin - FTP") in order to remember what they are.
Nicolai Krog 8 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Browser suggests wrong password

There should probably be something that makes the username / password fields in Link unique for each instance. My browser can't see the difference between e.g. Link production, Link test, development etc. - the result is, that my browser suggests ...
Nicolai Krog 9 months ago in  0 Will not implement

Change system generated e-mails from .dk to .com

Since we are moving away from the .dk domain, it would be perfect and not look like spam/phishing if our all of our mail communication came from the .com domain - especially external communication.
Cuong Van 6 months ago in Other 0 Sent to development