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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Feature request
Created by Claus B. Eide
Created on Dec 20, 2023

Send report as email

We would like to be able to send a report as email when you run it, the same way as you can send it when it is scheduled.

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  • Claus B. Eide
    Jan 9, 2024


    I don't think that this will occur very frequently, but the customer said this this would be a nice feature to have and I agreed to make a feature request. (PSP was present at the meeting and agreed)

  • Admin
    Nicolai Krog
    Jan 4, 2024


    Could you please elaborate:

    • Is this a use case that would occur frequently?

    • If yes, why?

    • Could an acceptable workaround be to:

      • Run the report

      • Export the result to CSV

      • Send the email manually with the exported result attached